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America's Army Woes
America's Army Woes
The difference is skill
Posted by Tombo on 01-23-05

Iím no stranger to first person shooters since I did play Doom back in the day, but this new simulation breed of FPS popped up and stayed off my radar until recently. For some reason, these shooters are based more on reality than on gothic science fiction worlds. I thought that skills from the more traditional FPS would transfer over to simulation FPSs like Counter-Strike and Americaís Army, AKA AA, but no, the end result is more like the second panel in this comic.

The Quakes and Unreals are far different than these simulation FPSs. Itís like being able to jog a marathon but then youíre told to sprint 100m in less than ten seconds; both are running but being good at one does not guarantee excellence in the other. Far Cry is somewhere between in the middle of the two. Maybe that will help wean me towards simulation FPSs.


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