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Magazine Mishap Mistake
Magazine Mishap Mistake
Woe is the buyer of the wrong magazine
Posted by Tombo on 03-11-05

A couple of weeks ago I heard rumblings of a Xbox magazine with demos for Conker, Splinter Cell 3 and even Unreal Tournament 2004 Console-Consolation Edition. I ventured out to the most convenient convenience store and purchased what I thought was the magazine I was looking for. A flurry of text appeared on the back and with the titles of the previous games mentioned, I chose it. I remember thinking at the time, “Ms.Pac-Man is on this disc too.”

Ms.Pac-Man was on the demo disc alright, sans all the good games. The magazine I wanted wasn’t even out in Canada yet. A few days later I found the Official Xbox Magazine with the demos I wanted. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory was the most impressive demo while Conker looked great but is pretty much the same as the N64 version. More fur does not make a better gameplay experience. Some characters portrayed less emotion then they did on N64 even but maybe the fur hid their facial expressions.


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