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n00b squad
Subtleties of Theft
Subtleties of Theft
Posted by Tombo on 08-21-05

As my friend/comic co-writer says, “it’s never too early to make references to previous comics” as this one makes reference to the company Christmas party. At this point, I’m considering having a counter for the death toll at N00b Squad. I’d like to thank Homer Simpson for the usage of the word “yoink”. “Simpsons did it!” as usual but they have done everything.

On the gaming scene, the DS is having a large number of must-have titles being released for it. Meteos and Kirby’s Canvas Curse are the two games I have been playing and both make excellent use of the stylus. On the horizon, there’s Castlevania, Advance Wars DS, Nintendogs if you don’t have a dog and Mario Kart in online form. Now add purchasing console and PC gaming on top of that this fall and the average salary gamer is broke. Woo.

This weekend I’ll be heading down to the Penny-Arcade Expo. Last year I came third in the Mario Kart Double Dash tournament. The tournaments are fun but honestly, the panels are the most entertaining part.

I bought a Wacom tablet and it made drawing this comic far more entertaining and easier. Wacom has tablets where you draw right on an LCD screen but I stayed away from those pricey extravagant contraptions. My Intuos 3 drawing tablet is sleek, stylish, awesome and gets the job done. However, the damn thing won’t make toast.


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