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Justice Lost
Justice Lost
Zelda = Digital Gold
Posted by Tombo on 09-07-05

I checked out Nintendoís booth at the Penny-Arcade Expoís exhibition hall and there on fifty inches of plasma high-definition television was Zelda: The Twilight Princess. It was on a smaller screen too but that wasnít as cool. I actually did not play the game due to the lines, Lines, LINES, and that I didnít want to spoil the experience for when the game comes out next year. However, from what I saw, the game has the best visuals on Gamecube and has a few new Zelda gameplay ideas. Riding a horse while attacking other enemies on horseback looked impressive and there was a game of chicken on a bridge over a canyon to finish off the riderís head honcho.

Also at PAX, my team came in second out of sixty-four in the Mario Kart Double Dash tournament. I was only the gunner but dammit, when the driver needed blue sparks he had them. The tournament had a better format this year with the quarter-finals and semi-finals having four races each and the finals had eight races. Thereís nothing quite like racing with sixteen human opponents in the same room as the competition was fierce and the yelling was random.

Iíve watched anime for so long that I have forgotten to draw eyes in a North American style. Therefore, the closed eyes in the second panel are based on anime. If only I could recall Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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