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African or European
African or European
The comic that was thirty years in the making
Posted by Tombo on 10-10-05

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children was what Square should have made in the first place for a movie. However, considering how game oriented the movie is, it would have had a limited audience. If that were the case, at least the movie wouldn’t have sucked.

Since FF7AC was intended for the small screen, there apparently was slightly less budget and detail put into the movie according to some. As the comic suggests, these people are crazy and at no point does the movie look “bad” or “polygony”. Combine that with watching Monty Python for the first time despite hearing the quotes a million times and you have a comic.

About halfway through creating the comic, I realized that technically this particular comic only relates to movies and not to video games. Oops, but why not? Final Fantasy is a game after all and there are only going to be more cross-media attempts from the world of video games.

On the console front, Perfect Dark Zero has been announced as a launch title for the Xbox 360. This means that there will be three Rare console games in one year, a feat more uncommon then the alignment of all the planets in our solar system along with its neighbor. PD0’s online co-op mode will let you see what your partner is doing via picture-in-picture, which is another example of how powerful the next generation of consoles will be. You want four-thousand enemies on screen at once? No problem. And yet I played the 2-D, Playstation classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night today.


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