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Discount Pie
Enter the Fear
Posted by Tombo on 11-10-05

For Halloween this year, I ended up carving one jack of the lantern to resemble Greed from Full Metal Alchemist. His sneer deserved to be transmuted onto a pumpkin. Other than that, there were very few kids to throw candy at this year and the Quake soundtrack, playable off the game CD, continues to work its Reznor charm on Halloween.

We’ve now entered the holiday season, which means the jam-packed video game release season. There is still a glut of video game releases before Christmas and the end result is a lot of high quality video games that do poorly in sales. When will publishers learn to spread out their releases? Most likely when the bottom line tells them. A few publishers such as Nintendo manage to spread their releases throughout the year but not many follow suit.

On a side note, Shadow of the Colossus is so damn impressive that it has convinced me to purchase a PS2 in order to play it. I was very, very close to making it this generation without a PS2 but nooooooo, some developer had to come along and make such a unique gaming experience PS2 exclusive. The style of Shadow of the Colossus reminds me of movies from the 1980s and yet it’s like no other game. Sure there is a horse and a giant field like a certain other sword wielder’s game but the meat and potatoes of it is fighting the giant colossus bosses that tower over you. Highly recommended no matter how much a crazy man in the streets shouts “Far Cry Instincts rocks”.


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