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Contra III: Not the same as Club Med
Contra III: Not the same as Club Med
Contra III seemed like a good idea at the time
Posted by Tombo on 11-28-05

I missed out on the SNES generation and got a SNES well after I had a N64. I thought I would track down Contra III for the SNES because Contra and Super Contra were both great games and in my books, retro gaming can be as or more entertaining than playing a game from this generation. Contra III turned out to also be a great game but due to the added speed of the SNES, it is also far more difficult than the previous two. As I thought the first time I played it, the game is Contra on steroids. No more five bullets at a time limitations. Steady streams of enemy fire await at every turn.

Contrary to the comic, I made it to the third level. Woop-de-doo. I beat Super Contra without the infamous Konami cheat code but Contra III looks like it would require a feat of strength similar to finishing Punch-Out or the turbo tunnel in Battletoads. Iím stuck at a point where a giant drill machine crashes into a wall that the player hangs off of. Now dodging this devastating drill monstrosity would be easily achievable except for the fact that after it crashes into the wall, it slides on the wall towards you and that is where I reach game over. Give me another five years and I might get to the last boss in the game.

ĒTeh 360!!!Ē

I donít have an Xbox 360 but I do plan on buying one some day. I played Kameo at a kiosk for about twenty minutes and have the following two impressions:

  • Kameo plays exactly the same as it did at E3 2004 on an Xbox
  • The next generation is shiny
  • There you have it, if you want the exact same gameplay and shinier textures, get an Xbox 360. That is if you can claw your way over the frenzied masses waiting in line or out bid others seeking the 360. The main advantage for an Xbox 360 would be online play and HDTV support. If you want to try out a Rare game online, then the Xbox 360 is for you.

    Maybe you donít have several hundred dollars just kicking around; In that case, I suggest the near-perfection that is Mario Kart DS. Mario Kart DS is the more in-depth Mario Kart ever even in its DS brick/pocket size. The tracks in the game are the most inspired that I have ever seen in a Mario Kart title.


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