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Space Pirate's Greed
Space Pirate's Greed
Phazon for a better tomorrow
Posted by Tombo on 02-01-06

Originally, I was planning on using a Chia Pet for this comic, but the season passed and thus I changed the final product to something slightly different. The Space Pirates were meddling with the genetic altering Phazon in ways that nature did not intend! The exploits of the Space Pirates in Metroid Prime were always amusing to me as there would be warnings such as “Don’t keep metroids as pets” and “Metroid feeding is strictly prohibited.” I would rank Metroid Prime as the second best Gamecube game, with Resident Evil 4 as the best. Who would have thought that Metroid would ever work in first person? Not most sane people.

In the age of ridiculous-polygons-per-second, I’m playing Zelda for SNES. I figure that at this point, it has aged to perfection because it’s 14-15 years old depending on the region. And to top it off as a stab to the gree3Dy heart of the video game industry, the game is still far better than most games being released currently.


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