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Posted by Tombo on 06-17-06

Ah, the DS Lite; I hear on its brightest mode that it surpasses the luminosity of seven suns. I am still reigned in by the ďdefaultĒ DS but Andre got his Nintendo-worshipping hands on a DS Lite and will more than likely give some impressions later. Iím surprised that Nintendo released a new DS only a year and a half after the original but at least itís far superior to the original. The original DS may have been rushed since it was released only six months after its announcement and the DS Lite may have been made to make up for the DSí somewhat blocky and purely functional design.

On a totally non-DS related note, I finished MGS3 last week. You may ask why I finished the game well over a year after its release date and the answer to that is I didnít have a PS2 until this year. The PS2 was the first console out of the generation and yet it is still the last left alive and well. MGS3 had the best end sequence in a video game that I can remember with such high cinematic quality that the movies should take notice. Amazingly, the great parts were actually playable. Imagine that in a MGS title! Ridiculous. MGS3 comes highly recommended from me but if you know the Metal Gear series, then you already knew that.

Iím officially on vacation for a week, which possibly is why I had time to finish this comic. Time for some R&R.


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