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l33t Caffeine
Posted by Tombo on 08-18-06

Co-creative credits go out to the Big Jeff on this comic, an influence we haven't seen around since the second coming of the lady vampire.

With the massive arsenal of caffeine available at oneís disposal, itís hard to choose these days. Normally I stick with the classic red cola machine and avoid the likes of drinks named after menís testicles, bulls or man-bullís testicles. When desperate times call for desperate measures, thereís always the towering can of Jolt that decompresses the room when opened.

Like every other Xbox 360 owner on the planet, Iíve been playing Dead Rising. Like how Soul Calibur always surprises with a never seen before move, Dead Rising surprises with a never seen before weapon. The zombie wailing guitar has been the latest to amuse me with the Mega-Man Mega Buster before that. Capcomís finally capitalizing on their intellectual property of lore a la Nintendo.

Iíll be heading out to the Penny-Arcade Expo next weekend. Nintendoís going to be there, hopefully complete with playable Wiis. I thoroughly expect a packed exhibition hall if that is the case.


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