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Smash Hit
Smash Bros. Idol
Smash Hit
Posted by Tombo on 09-23-06

Hard to believe but the rest of the next generation systems are almost here. There’s been a glut of game info recently due to the Toyko Game Show. Heroes for the Wii has been the most impressive game I’ve seen from the show as it appears to be a souped up version of Killer 7. It’s made by the same team that did Killer 7 so they can get away with that.

Big Jeff bought a 42” Toshiba 1080P LCD HDTV today and became “next-gen ready”. I helped him pick it out but I certainly hope he doesn’t ask me to help him install it; I wouldn’t want to clean up liquid crystals with hundred dollar bills.


New Mario RPG Special Up
Posted by Tombo on 09-25-06

We have another Mario RPG special up courtesy of Andre. Check it out here.


Those Eyes, Those Horrible, Horrible Eyes
Posted by Tombo on 10-03-06

The third page of Andre's Mario "RPGic" is up at here. In the meantime, the legendary Domokun I received courtesy of Tiny Jeff continues to terrorize me until I finish the next comic:


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