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Tingle Alert Level 5
Posted by Tombo on 10-04-06

First of all, incase you missed it we have another Mario RPG special up courtesy of Andre. Check it out here.

My friend Tiny Jeff (I know many Jeffs and rank them by size accordingly) went to Japan and was kind enough to go out of his way and track down some games for me. Thanks to the DS being region free, Iíve been playing Jump Super Stars, Rhythm Tengoku, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (Elite Beat Agents in North America), and yes, that Tingle DS game.

I was surprised when I heard that Nintendo made a game starring Tingle after nixing Tingle, or any tingling sensations at all for that matter, in the upcoming Zelda due to the characterís not always warm welcome. However, this disliking may be more North America-prone because according to Tiny Jeff, it was difficult to track down the Tingle game in Japan. There were posters but astonishingly it was sold out at most places.

The game proves a bit of a challenge to play at times because I donít know one iota of Japanese. A guy who looks like Tingle talks to a giant rupee man in the sky and subsequently is donned in Tingle attire. He gives new Tingle 100 rupees and sets him off in the world. As it turns out, everything in the game comes down to money. Tingle walks down a gloomy boardwalk only to speared by a guard until he pays up to pass. Merchants slam their shutters just as Tingle approaches only to glare at him from the darkness after he passes by. Truly a moment in gaming that I am glad I did not miss. When Tingle fights, a cloud of dust appears and you have to tap that cloud rapidly in order to defeat the opponent. Honestly, I didnít know Tingle had it in him. Iíll talk more about the other import games in another news post.

The Xbox 360 had many announcements last week at the Tokyo Game Show and the X06 briefing. Reminiscing, I was at the Xbox pre-E3 2004 briefing when Peter Moore had a tattoo of the Halo 2 release date on his right arm. He did not do it entirely out of madness because retail outlets wouldnít believe a Halo 2 release date unless he had it tattooed on him. More recently he had the GTA4 for Xbox 360 tattooed on his other arm. His epidermis real estate is becoming sparse but for a major announcement such as Halo Wars, he could have given up new space. Microsoft is beginning to franchise Halo like Nintendo franchises Mario. Maybe weíll see a Halo Hogs or Mischievous Master Chief one day.


...And you will know him by the trail of the dead!
Posted by Jeff on 10-07-06

Dead Rising is like some kind of digital explosion in my pants. Itís the game I wish I was playing 10 years ago when was exploding zombie heads with the ďMaster of UnlockingĒ.

The game looks amazing in HD, but news that an HDMI cable will be shipping at the same time as the (monstrously overpriced) HD-DVD drive this winter makes the yet unused pixels on my new 1080p TV jump for joy.

I'm also addicted to the market place and their freaking demos and videos... but I guess itís better than going crazy buying games right off the bat...

Speaking of which:


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