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n00b squad
Chicken Strips: His Only Weakness
Wii Controls
Tasty but Deadly
Posted by Tombo on 12-18-06

Andre’s moved out and had to learn how to sate his appetite. Unfortunately, he could not hold back his voraciousness for chicken strips and the results were burnination. I saw evidence of this myself on a cooking mitt that almost had a hole burned through it. Any flesh wounds had healed by the time I arrived.

I finished the Japanese import Rhythm Tengou the other day and I can say that it is well worth nabbing from Japan if you have a GBA or DS. The game consists of small rhythm mini-games, therefore making language not a barrier. The wacky style is similar to Wario Ware since it was developed by the same team.

Sneak King is creepy.

The next comic will be N00b Squad’s 40th. We still have yet to top Space Pirate’s Greed but hopefully we’ll come up with something in our sleeves for it.


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