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Sneak King around the Issue
Posted by Tombo on 01-04-06

I played Sneak King once. I was never the same again. I can't eat burgers anymore unless someone flourishes me with one. Sneak King is more terrifying than terrible.

Click here for part seven of Andre's epic-to-the-max Mario RPG comic series. He even used motion blur for ze dramatique effect in this one.


Where's the Love?
Posted by Jeff on 01-12-06

Let me speak to you of a beautiful world.

A world of joy and love.

A world without wires.

Seriously. Fucking wires.

They plot and scheme and sabotage, sowing ruin and woe where ever they can.  They are the bane of my every endevor.

They either don't work or don't reach or don't fit or WHAT EVER.

I hate them.

I HATE them.

I ever meet you, you better not be a wire.

There will be trouble.

PS: This is the greatest thing ever.


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