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Beer Wins
Beer Wins
The Standard of Excellence
Posted by Tombo on 02-15-07

The other day I apologized, without thinking, to Andre for abruptly leaving a conversation for a beer. To him, it had seemed like I vanished off the planet. However, at the notion of apologizing when beer was at stake, he lambasted me for doing such a thing. According to Andre’s Law of All Things: [Beer > Everything]. Definitely a straightforward way to live unless you’re left with bottled Guiness, the equivalent of vileness trapped in glass waiting…lurking for you to open it.

Apparently, Nokia’s balls weren’t pounded in hard enough with the last N-Gage. They’re going to go at it again with a new N-Gage this September. Maybe this time the screen won’t be vertically based and you won’t need a bomb-defusing kit to swap game cartridges. Last time, the N-Gage lost to the GBA, not the DS and *cough* PSP. If Nokia targets the device more towards cell phone users, they may have a chance but then again, the iPhone will be out. Then again, if the price is right, people may buy it. Let’s see what launch price they show off in body paint on a chick’s stomach this time (good ol’ Nokia's first pre-E3 press conference).

Rare is going to release Jetpac for Xbox Live Arcade later this year but more importantly, they are rumored to be working on a new IP for XBLA. With a game on a smaller budget, Rare may have more creative freedom then usual. I can only pray for a Mr.Pants game or the creation of his doppelganger.

And on the topic of dopplegangers, Andre presents part ten of his dyanamo Mario RPG sprite comic. There's navigation now and an archive for the Mario RPG special to make browsing through them easier. Another site tweak: The Contact page has also been updated with an e-mail form.


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