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Open Beta Magic
Open beta magic is fun
Posted by Tombo on 03-20-07

After watching both the Batman vs. Wolverine with Magic (The Prestige) and Not-so-Fight Club (The Illusionist), I pondered the testing phase of magic and thus came up with this comic. The movies are highly different and I would recommend illusionary suspense over prestigious eye candy with Scarlett Johansson thrown in there. The Prestige tried to be an over the top movie about magic while The Illusionist tried to be a solid movie and succeeded.

Finished up Alien Hominid HD the other day. The game really shines as if the small development team (approx. three and a half men and a baby) was wringing every last drop of their creativity and effort into the game. The game steps it up a notch in the last two levels, similar to the last boss in Zelda 64. Alien Hominid is a really hard game but is possible to beat thanks to its generous amount of continues and ability to start at any level. No need to Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right B, A, Start your way through this one, though kudos to anyone who can beat Contra without that (like me).

And not like me, here’s part 11 of Andre’s Mario RPG series.


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