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Posted by Tombo on 09-10-07

The Penny-Arcade expo has come and gone and once again Andre and I proved semi-victorious in the Mario Kart: Double Dash tournament. We came in second for the third year in a row (my fourth as a gunner) but this time it was our most deserved second place. Last year, we thought we were out of it twice during the final rounds but each time the announcer read out the top teams, we were still in it. This year, we were so far ahead in the top two that third place was eating our dust for breakfast when we were having dinner. Fate interwined and kept us at second place. We could have thrown down our controllers and still ended up second.

Earning second place in Mario Kart was no easy feat however. Andre and I each undertook rigorous training regimes during the year between tournaments. We had to train separately due to the few hundred miles between us and lack of official online play. Andre played Mario Kart a massive, mind-blowing one time during the year and I one-upped him, literally, by playing it two times. We asked oursevles, maybe if we played the game two and three times, would we have came in first place? Too late for second guessing now, we can only look forwards because that is where our eyes point towards. During PAX, we played against Andre's ex-co-worker's team from Nintendo and beat them six out of seven times. Ironically, I mentioned, “We're either really good or they really suck.” They ended up sharing our TV in the finals and came in third. Touché.

You might be asking, when are you going to mention what the comic is about or from? You ask for the impossible though I will tell you now. I went to a Seattle Mariners game at the end of July and decided to buy one of the beverages being flagrantly advertised. The price was atrocious of course and makes me wonder if there will ever be a ceiling on the price of a drink at a venue. If people continue to be willing to buy the item, my guess is no. If you don't think it applies enough to video games, change the product to downloadable game content and you're set.

Back to Penny-Arcade Expo coverage, there were some game surprises in the exhibition hall and some disappointments. I first checked out Castle Crashers by the small developer The Behemoth and I continue to be impressed by the 2D style and gameplay it presents. Skate from EA handled really well and only took a couple minutes to get used to the gameplay. The Skate demo was the same one that was available on Xbox Live but that was released during PAX. Skate's 9.0 review score indicates that the game is solid throughout and not like a shiny apple with a rotten core. Turok also proved that he isn't due for extinction anytime soon with lush jungles and bloody, drooling dinosaurs.

Lately, I was playing Bioshock on the PC until I started playing Metroid Prime 3. Metroid Prime 3 recaptures more of the sense of exploration and unique environments that Metriod Prime had but with far more polish as opposed to the drudgery and bleakness that was most of the dark world in Metroid Prime 2. Nine out of ten web comics agree that Metroid Prime 3 is an excellent source of Wii first person shooting in your video game diet. Even Andre likes it when he couldn't be bothered with the previous Metroid games so there you have it.

Finally, on a sad note but not a death note, here's the fourteenth and final installment of Andre's mezmorzing Mario RPG ransacking rundown of pint-sized pixelization.


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