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The Ultimate Halo 3 Killer
Time to break the bank.
The Ultimate Halo 3 Killer: The Xbox 360 Itself
Posted by Tombo on 09-12-07

Not much you can do when your 360 bricks as mine did during the summer months. Ironically, a graphics powerhouse such as Gears of War did not cause the 360 to bite the dust. No. My 360 died while I was playing Pac-Man Championship Edition. No offense to Pac-Man CE, it looks "retro-rific" but somehow I doubt it's using the Xbox 360's full capacity.

During this period of time sans 360, Andre was kind enough to remind me of all the titles I was missing out on. Consciously, Andre was unaware that my 360 had gone on a journey for repair but subconsciously, the sly bastard damn well knew all along this was the case. Eventually I passed the time by rediscovering my Wii (ahahaha, so not funny) and also dusted off the PC. I cracked at one point and bought Geometry Wars for the PC, a whole four dollars, and a PC 360 wireless controller adapter; However, the battle was not quite the same.

At this point, the good news is that I have a working 360 to play Halo 3 on. The flip side is that each day that passes before Halo 3 is another opportunity for the Red Ring to strike and deliver its cruel justice. I can only keep living in the moment and possibly some other clichéd ways while never knowing what is to come next.

My NES still works. It could be trebucheted from here to Timbuktu while on fire and still persevere.


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