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n00b squad
N00b Squad 2007 GOTY
N00b Squad 2007 GOTY
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Posted by Tombo on 01-23-08

My tiredness can't do galaxy justice at the moment. Post will have to wait until "post-coffee."

Update (had coffee):

Few games come along that truly outshine the rest of the class. In recent years, these have consisted of Gear of War (if only for co-op), Resident Evil 4, Guitar Hero and Metal Gear Solid 3. Sometimes I wonder why I’m not finishing games that I purchase and often question the gamer within. However, all it takes is for one of these bar-raising titles to come out and I know the problem is not me but the same old, same old in all those other games.

My most “must play” and therefore 2007 game of the year title goes to Mario Galaxy, which truly delivered on Nintendo’s promise of being the spiritual successor to Mario 64. Galaxy did this with many unique worlds, new game play that works, tight controls, tons of references to Mario 3 and the best graphics the Wii has to offer. The difficulty of some bosses may be easy but this is made up for by the difficult of collecting the last 40~50 stars.

As you can see in the comic, honorable game of the year mentions go out to Rock Band and in some respect, Geometry Wars: Waves. Rock Band is Guitar Hero…and more. Geometry Wars was responsible for bringing back many of the remade arcade classics that we now get to enjoy for $5 to $10 and provides some of the best gaming challenge while remaining fun.


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