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They Brawl
They Brawl
Featuring Kirby Kirby Piper
Posted by Tombo on 02-10-08

Today’s comic harkens back to simpler times; a time when a man could fight another man in an alley with the only item available being a 2x4 and the goal being to “put on the glasses.”

Smash Bros. Brawl is already out in Japan at this point and was delayed in North America potentially because Nintendo couldn’t even make enough product for Japan. After selling 820,000 (also known as a gajillion except when compared to Halo 3) copies in its first week, it’s safe to say that it’s doing well. When you have a game where the creator has enough content to work with that he can do daily blog posts about new features, it’s no wonder why the game has been rocking other N00b Squadian’s nuts off (sweet jeebus, not literally).

After making this comic, I went to ye oldé Virtual Console and downloaded the NES quasi-classic Kirby’s Adventure. It was one of the few Nintendo games that I didn’t have since I finished it while renting it about oh, I dunno, fifteen years ago. While it’s not Mario, it definitely does a lot of things right especially with the controls. Looking back, the number of different abilities that Kirby can possess was ambitious. Sure, Mega Man had a million “man” powers but those were all weapons; Kirby transforms and thus often requires new animations and not just a colour palette swap.

Kirby’s visual style lies somewhere between Mario’s minimalist tiles and Mega Man’s detailed pixel opus. Unfortunately, there is a lot of slowdown at times, which can be attributed to tons of sprites and the fact that HAL made the game, not Nintendo EAD. Sure, HAL has made up for that now with Smash Brothers but back in the day until the cube they were more second rate. HAL has even made Kirby a badass, which was the second inspiration for the comic:


In the news, Boom Blox was finally shown with the premise being: Stack’em, Knock’em down. The game play? Spielberg and EA get your money. At least we won't be getting this:

Da Boomblox

Wait, depending on the review score, that may be better.


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