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n00b squad
Gunna be a Rockstar
Gunna be a Rock Band
It's our Rock Band Special
Posted by Tombo on 02-19-08

Here's part one of our Rock Band special. Update to come later today.


Challenger Approaching
Posted by Tombo on 02-29-08

Didn't have an update earlier due to my dog becoming another dog's chewy toy. :( However, part 2 of the Rock Band Special is on its way and in the meantime we have a new Smash Brothers Brawl T-shirt to prepare you for the onslaught of competition that awaits you.

That's right, this time YOU are the challenger.


Challenger Approaching [Update]
Posted by Tombo on 03-11-08

We have updated the Challenger Approaching shirt to reflect the North American release of the game. The bottom corner now says "A new foe has appeared!"


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