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Rock Band Special Part IV: The Challenge
Rock Band Special Part IV: The Challenge
Challenger Approaches?
Posted by Tombo on 04-19-08

Here's part four of our Rock Band special and it's also N00b Squad milestone at comic #60. I'll have a post up later this weekend


A new ending has appeared!
Posted by Tombo on 04-20-08

Have you burned the rope yet? If you donít have time to play Burn the Rope, then you donít really have time to be a gamer even if Portal is shorter. I wonít ruin it for you but Burn the Rope is like a highly polished Warioware microgame in Internet phenomenon form, complete with walkthroughs and speed runs. Surprisingly, Andre who helps out around here from time to time and works at IGN, has not had to do an IGN guide for the game yet.

However, not surprisingly, Andre defeated all other challengers from IGN in an inter-office Smash Bros. Brawl tournament. Congrats to Andre. If you are one of the three people who have an insider account, you can see his victory and witness our Challenger Approaching T-shirt in action.

Wiiware has been picking up steam lately (um, well, water steam, not the already existing PC game digital distribution service) and had a rather large announcement with Strong Badís Cool Game for Attractive People. If you are an attractive individual, I suggest you click the above link and view the trailer. Great to see that web-based entertainment turning to games wasnít a one-time deal with Penny-Arcade. I hadnít been paying much attention to Wiiware previously because I knew Nintendo already would be taking my hard-earned dollarsÖnow they will be taking my easy-earned dollars as well.

In the non-game related news side of things, Tiny Jeff informed me that a Venture Bros. Season 3 trailer appeared at the NYC comic con. Lookiní good so far, and even creepier then the first two seasons at times. Not much Monarch footage but Iím sure heíll be there.

And without further ado, the Devil decides to take on new forms in the alternate version of this weekís comic:

N00bsquad 60 Alternate Ending


New N00b Swag: Yield to Blue Shells
Posted by Tombo on 05-02-08

Been playing a lot of Mario Kart lately and we came up with this shirt and bumper sticker:


This time around, the shirt is availble in dark or light colours for women or men. And now, back to Mario Kart...err, part 5 of the Rock Band special coming soon!


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