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Rock Band Special Part V: The Challenge
Rock Band Special Part IV: The End
IT'S DONE!!!!!!!
Posted by Tombo on 05-12-08

Here's the finalé of the five part Rock Band special. I'll have a post up tonight, in the meantime I'll leave the blue shell post down below from the last comic.


Done and Done and Post
Posted by Tombo on 05-13-08

Finishing a five part comic was more challenging than Jeff’s creation of it, at least from the way I see it and the thirty minutes max to write it compared to unbeknownst months to finish it. To put it in perspective, this started out as a Guitar Hero III special but then we decided Rock Band was better. Apparently, Guitar Hero decided this as well since it’s rumoured that they will be adding other instruments like the jazz flute to the franchise. We’ve come up with a lot of ideas that we couldn’t do while finishing the Rock Band special so look forward to them in the upcoming weeks.

In the news, Wiiware came out but sadly not with the fanfare of Mexican wrestlers, goo towers or happy-go-lucky pill poppers. Damn that Nintendo for being busy saavy and releasing less popular games first time and time again. Remember the GAMECUBE NINTENDO launch? Where’s Luigi’s Mansion?! Actually, I wouldn’t mind paying $10 to play a new wiimote version of that, then some Daisy’s Diner Dishwashing Dash.

Incoming N00b Swag

Our Mario Kart blue shell warning sign t-shirts came in and are looking sharp. However, the bumper sticker quality surprised us even more. Below is a shot of it on my car, noted by Andre that it is not on the bumper and thus resulting in a $250 fine in seven states.

You could say we play a lot of Mario Kart.

Behold the Internet!

Here are some links I came across while working on this comic:

Kings of Power 4 Billion % 2D video game inspired movie. Detailed and frightening. Why Jeff, why did you show this to me? Still worth watching but becomes really bizarre at the end.

MGS Crab Battle:
Metal Gear rendered down into flash and comedic form. Possibly even better than Metal Gear Awesome’s retelling. I can only imagine how many cigarettes were smoked in order to produce Snake’s voice.

Japanese Surprise Power Rangers Ad with Surprise:
Did I mention there’s a surprise ending?

Pixeljam’s Dino Run was released recently. The premise of this charming flash game is simple: Outrun extinction by meteorite by racing to the end of the level. Watching the world unfold in chunky pixels is impressive.

Proejct AM2R: Another Metroid 2 Remake

There was a first one? This guy deserves a beer for his efforts.

360 Watch

Keep an eye out for the Banjo Kazooie Threeie game mechanic unveiling tomorrow.

Prediction: Banjo’s back but maybe not for long. Scour the land to find the cure for his tumour of a toaster on his nose and help Mumbo find his missing nuts.


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