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Wii Fat
Wii Fat
Balance of Power
Posted by Tombo on 05-27-08

How could Nintendo have let this happen? Making fun of the same overweight kids they helped mould earlier on in life! Maybe it happened because the Regginator took it like a man and didn’t cry when he was called overweight at the game’s unveiling in front of the world. Clearly, Reggie is 1% body fat and 99% muscle like the Kingpin. At least the Big N’s helping out now with a new way to get people active.

I found out recently that Wii Fit was designed by none other than the legendary Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. As it turns out, Wii Fit follows the trend of Miyamoto becoming interested in something (exercise in this case) and then making a game about it. For instance:

  • Miyamoto takes up gardening. Makes Pikmin.
  • Miyamoto gets a dog. Makes Nintendogs.
  • Miyamoto clogs the toilet and has to use a plunger. Makes Mario.

Since this has been happening, would somebody please hand him a gun? He would end up revolutionizing the FPS genre and then create Mario Paintball.

The doctor's finally in the house on Wiiware’s third week of service. Initial impression? It’s Dr.Mario…on the Wii!

Seriously though, it’s the same classic gameplay from before, which is a good thing at $10. My only gripes at this point are that the interface looks almost too simple and the transparent pill to show the landing spot looks more like a reflection and ends up being a distraction.

More great news for XBLA fans after the recent Rainslick Precipice of Darkness release: Castle Crashers is “completely complete.” Don’t jump in the air just yet though as it is going to be at least two months before it comes out due to certification and testing etcetera etcetera. On the PC front, Left 4 Dead is also said to be done now but Valve will be spending a few months to polish the game to their standard blinding level of shininess.


"Creamy" Update
Posted by Tombo on 06-06-08
Andre came up with a great idea for this comic but unfortunately at the worst time when it was already done. However, I finally got around to adding in his idea today. Here's the old version if you're interested.


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