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Pill Poppin' with Dr. Luigi
Pill Poppin' with Dr. Luigi
The Doctor's in the House
Posted by Tombo on 06-05-08

With the doctor in the house on Wiiware, you may wonder why the doctorís brother is not also in the house. The five panel opus above explains why (our longest comic since about #25, which coincidentally is my favourite).

One day while playing Brawl, Big Jeff (who wrote the Rock Band Special here amongst others) wondered when Luigi went weird. The green plumber was such a normal fellow in Mario 1, like Mario in every way but green and player two-ish.

Digging back in my memory, Luigi changed to the way he is in Mario 2, which really means Doki Doki Panic moulded Luigi. For those of you who donít know, Doki Doki Panic was altered and became Mario 2 in North America. In Mario 2, Luigi was elongated and had those floating long jump where he kept running the whole time. In his Gamecube debut, Luigiís Mansion, he humped furniture for a few coins. Now days, Luigi can be seen wearing pink and doing some variation of the worm after Brawl victories. Is he going to marry Zack on Zack Island next?

In the news:

Wario Lemieux steals the Stanley Cup. What a great, fast paced series between the Penguins and the Red Wings. And to think Pittsburgh almost forced overtime but ended up hitting the post at the final buzzer. Anyone in the States watch it? Hrm, must have had lawn bowling on the Versus network instead of the game at the time.

Mark this day in history! Duke Nukem Forever gameplay is revealed, only twelve years after the game started being developed. Saint from Fanart Central checked, hell is currently cold but not yet frozen over.

I received DDR Supernova 2 yesterday for my birthday. I didnít know that DDR was as hazardous for my health these days as smoking is but the HUGE warning on the dance pad let me know. Slowly but surely, Konami is putting more and more warnings on Dance Dance Revolution games. Maybe they will only be in stores and arcades behind a curtain next.

DDR Warning


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