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Howdy Partner
Howdy Partner: OMG, Zombies!
OMG, Zombies!
Posted by Tombo on 06-09-08

I saw the Resident Evil 5 trailer recently and couldn't help but come up with this comic. It happens.

Fortunately, Resident Evil 5 isn’t going to try and reinvent the wheel that Resident Evil 4 honed to near perfection. They’re going to make it “wheelier” or “Bigger and better,” as the man previously known as CliffyB might say. Noticeably added to the game were enemies of different races to alleviate the racial concerns being stirred up by previous videos of the game.

Rumour has it that the mysterious female partner will be with Redfield during the game to assist the player and serve as a way to drop in and out of multiplayer co-op. If that turns out to be true, hopefully the AI will be up to snuff. However, if you can shove the partner in a steel lockbox with a couple air holes, then it might not be so bad.


N00b Swag Update
Posted by Tombo on 06-15-08

I updated the N00b Swag store today with a better layout. For a limited time until June 25th, men's size shirts with our older designs are only $19.99!


Back from Vacation
Posted by Tombo on 06-26-08

I'm back from vacation now, complete with a whole bunch of ideas for N00b Squad. Starting off, here's our new "Know thy Enemy" t-shirt based on Metal Gear:

To survive on the battlefield, one must identity his surroundings and the condition of his enemies. Use this guide as reference at any time.

If you're interested, you can get the shirt here.


Falcon TRIP + See you at PAX!
Posted by Tombo on 08-28-08

Andre and I will be heading to the Penny-Arcade Expo once again this year. We are now retired second place champions in Mario Kart Double Dash since Penny-Arcade will not be running that tournament again. However, they do have a Smash Brothers tournament which we will probably partake in. If you see someone on the show floor wearing a N00b Swag shirt, it’s probably one of us so feel free to say hi.

Things will be picking up here at N00b Squad again now that the summer is ending. Due to Andre’s demand, we now have a “Falcon TRIP!” shirt.


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