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Cliché Ho!
Cliché Ho!
Cliché Ho
Posted by Tombo on 09-03-08

Perhaps the biggest budget and longest in production comic ever at N00b Squad, Jeff's "vision" is now complete. I'll finish the rest of the commentary later today including the PAXtermath.


The PAXtermath
Posted by Tombo on 09-08-08

My friend Jeff came up with the idea for this comic back around November for N00b Squad #51. I finished about half of it and realized Jeff was secretly trying to kill me by coming up with comics that have way more characters than usual. I finally buckled down after PAX and finished it.

Speaking of PAX, I became sick afterwards (that’s two out of five Penny-Arcade Expos) and can only suggest to bring hand sanitizer or space suits if you’re going. With a potential 57,000 people handling controllers in the exhibition hall, the odds of a sick person rises greatly. Or, go to the exhibition hall on Friday before people get worn down from long days of panels, concerts and accumulating swag.

Here are pictures from PAX:

Andre auditioning his hand for Left4Dead in front of the convention centre.

He was the chosen one!

The upper reaches of the exhibition hall and the Penny-Arcade money vacuum (merch booth).

Damn, Wii Music had great chairs. Wait, there's a game?

Horrifyingly accurate Fruit Fucker cosplay. I believe it produced juice.

Potential GOTY this way.

The Fall-Out airstream trailer will be up for grabs at the Child's Play auction.

NCSoft to me: "No F-Zero AX track unlocking for you. Come back, next day!"

The chiptune band Anamanguichi in concert.

MC Frontalot with Jonathan Coulton in concert.

My favourite moment from PAX was during Jonathan Coulton’s concert. He had a screen with two buttons: “Play this one” and “Not this one.” After playing “play this one,” he asked the concert if we wanted to see “not this one.” He clicked it and we were all Rick-Rolled for a minute and a half while he dual fingered us on stage every once in a while. If you don’t know who Jonathan Coulton is, he wrote the song at the end of Portal. He has a bunch of songs that are free to download from his site I recommend listening to “I feel fantastic.”

And since you’ve made it this far, here’s Awesome Center Redux from the people who brought your Metal Gear Awesome.


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