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n00b squad
Disney Dreamers
Disney Dreamers
Disney Dreamers
Posted by Tombo on 09-10-08

At one point, my friends and I realized the above and still went to Disneyland...again. We had a big post with pictures about PAX in the last comic if you haven't seen it yet.

And I almost forgot, it's the fourth anniversary of N00b Squad this week. The site started shortly after the Penny-Arcade Expo's first "draw a strip" panel.


Link Dump!
Posted by Tombo on 09-11-08

Brief update today. Here are some great links I came across when not working or playing Castle Crashers:

Winter Bells

Be warned: This game is extremely addictive. Sure the game has a Christmas theme but the overall polish is great enough that I don’t worry about it.

Andre ended up besting my high-score King of Kong style with three million points and now sits on top of a pyramid made of solid gold. I hope it’s pointy.

Mario rescues the princess

Seth McFarlane’s now on the Internet and sponsored by Burger King. The King is still creepy in cartoon form.


A Robot Chicken paced mash-up of Nintendo cartoons. A lot of work went into this one.


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