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n00b squad
I wish I was in a different castle
I wish I was in a different castle
Castles were meant to be crashed
Posted by Tombo on 09-22-08

Ah the Luigi Factor.

Had an idea similar to this a long time ago, then I forgot it, and remembered it "better" than it was the first time. I'll have a post later on in the week but for the meantime, it's time to fill up those E tanks for Mega Man 9.


Four years of N00b Squad
Posted by Tombo on 09-25-08

This month marks four years of N00b Squad, the comic I started half because I saw the draw-a-strip panel at the Penny-Arcade expo and thought, Why cant I do that? and half because a co-worker asked if I knew anyone who could draw and it motivated me to try. As for why cant I do that? it turns out drawing really, really well was harder than expected.

However, Ive kept at it and averaged about 1.4 comics a month. N00b Squad definitely looks a lot better than when I first started, drawing with a mouse in Photoshop. Id say some of the best advice Ive had along the way was from Aaron Steinfeld, someone I knew from Gameboydojoto use Illustrator where I could have vector based lines instead of mouse scrawls in Photoshop. I eventually stopped using Illustrator and went back to Photoshop after getting a tablet.

The other great piece of advice (from a forum, so maybe it was a lie) was to make multiple scripts for a comic to try to get the best punch line. Definitely helps to get a second opinion or to bounce ideas off Andre or sometimes Jeff, or to just get their ideas like a zombie to brains.

Anyway, thanks for reading and you can look forward to the best year of N00b Squad yet.


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