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Tetris Party
Tetris Party
Tetris Party
Posted by Tombo on 10-06-08

Almost overshadowed by the DSi (and Punch-Out) was Tetris Party for WiiWare. Unlike Tetris DS, Nintendo is not making or publishing this one despite the use of Miis; Hudson Soft is developing the game and Tetris Online Inc. is publishing it. The game will set you back 1,200 points (AKA $15 real world dollars, thanks Nintendo) but features more than a mode a dollar with 18 in all.

The mode Iím most interested in is two player co-op (local only though) where the play area is larger and each player is allowed to use only certain pieces. After the fierce competition and fun had from playing the WiiWare version of Dr.Mario, this game could only have the co-op mode and Iíd buy it. Hudson Soft, donít read that last sentence. There are also a few more multiplayer modes and up to six players online.

As for the comic, my mind was wandering, perhaps too far, and somehow thought, ďTetris Party: Like a pool party but with Tetrominos.ĀEClearly, this was the most difficult comic I ever had to draw.


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