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DSi "Preorder"
Back in Action
Posted by Tombo on 11-09-08

It turned out that jetlag was worse then I thought and the first week back from Japan was spent sleeping after work for the most part. Anyway, we’re back now. Next time I’ll know to make one more comic before going on vacation to a different time zone.

Thanks to Andre’s prodding and the “360 tax”, I picked up Gears of War 2 on Friday. Bigger and better? I’d say so for the most part but Gears 1 was already pretty darn good. The inclusion of the player being able to crawl around for a chance to be tagged back to life is a nice touch, especially with the inevitable threat of being curb stomped by a locust. However, Epic could really do without trying to add a story. I’d be fine with a chalkboard that had a diagram that said, “Kill these guys [locusts]” and just let me go on my way.

The pacing of Gears 2 is almost perfect where I never put down the controller except in cases of my eyes shrivelling up from a lack of blinking. I find it very similar to Resident Evil 4 in that regard, which Epic of course went to for some inspiration. Then in a twist, Resident Evil 5 went to Gears of War for some inspiration such as with the control scheme. Maybe in the end, they spiral to being one and the same.

Here’s a couple links I came across after coming back from vacation:

-Mega Man III assisted speed run Definitely not possible by a standard humon
-99 Bricks Really hard Tetris-World of Goo mash-up type game that I saw on Kotaku


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