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Luigi's Mansion: Seven Years Later
Luigi's Mansion Seven Years Later: It's...it's ectoplasm, there was a ghost!
It was ectoplasm!
Posted by Tombo on 12-08-08

Luigi’s Mansion cemented Luigi as a cowardly figure and one that, er, humps furniture to check coins. I still find it difficult to believe that it has already been seven years since Luigi's Mansion came out. Sure, it has been a console generation and a half but it doesn't seem that long. At the time, I remember people balking at the fact the game was only about five hours long. It was only the beginning of more short games to come due to higher development costs and developers coming to grips with new hardware.

IGN had an article recently about the possibilities for Luigi’s Mansion 2 and why there should be one on the Wii. There currently is a Luigi’s Mansion “Wiimake” in the works but why not go ahead and make a sequel instead? You know, besides far higher costs and time required. However, it's about time Luigi had his due again in a more… robust outing.


Charity and Canadians, but not Charity for Canadians
Posted by Tombo on 12-08-08

Couple things I'd like to mention: First, any Canadians out there may have heard about the possible coalition in the government. My friend started a site to let your voice be heard at Coalition-Vote.ca.

And secondly, you guys have been awesome supporting our site lately so I thought it would be best to give a bit back during Christmas time. From now until December 26th 2008, fifty percent of the profits from N00b Swag merchandise will be donated to Child's Play.


Quick Update
Posted by Tombo on 12-16-08

This week’s comic will come out around Friday. Our idea would have been too rushed with getting ready for Christmas so we came up with something simpler.


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