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The Most Awesome Gift
The Most Awesome Gift: Tombo and Andre duke it out to see who does better.
The Most Awesome Gift: I win!
Posted by Tombo on 12-19-08

I saw a 360 Viva PiŮata faceplate for $1 at EB the other day; I still didnít get it. In retrospect, that might have been a cheap model to paint over.

Also, I donít understand IGNís Girls of Gaming that they use to promote IGN Insider every year. Maybe some kids are afraid their parents will find their browsing history? The dad would probably wonder whatís wrong with the kid if he found those cartoons instead.

Quick reminder that half of the profits from any N00b Swag merch that you buy until December 26th will go to Child's Play. A big thank-you for your support so far.

Weíre going to take a break from comics next week to relax and enjoy Christmas. I might make a post or do some art though. Andreís coming to visit from California along with another old friend Shoe from our days of writing at Gameboydojo and Nintendojo so itís going to be a few days of gaming.

And yes, my present to each of them will be more awesome. Not that it's a competition or anything (it is).


Bored during the Holidays?
Posted by Tombo on 12-21-08

Bored during the holidays? Winter Bells and Burn the Rope just not cutting it any more? Here are some Flash games I came across thanks to Andre and Chris from work.

Quest for the Crown The most epic gameÖever.

Fantastic Contraption Like the Incredible Machine but with physics.

Achievement Unlocked Can you unlock all the achievements in this Flash game? I got stuck at 59% after five minutes.

And Andre, I was joking about Winter Bells not cutting it earlier. You can stop sending hate mail now. Itís still the best of the bunch.


You Guys Ďní Gals Rock!
Posted by Tombo on 12-26-08

Thanks to your support this December, we were able to donate Kirby Super Star Ultra to Vancouverís Children Hospital for Childís Play. Might have been more then the 50% I mentioned but itís great to help out. Next year, weíll try to figure out ways to step up and raise more.


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