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The Great Fast Food Chase
The Great Fast Food Chase: Burgertime.
Everytime is Burgertime
Posted by Tombo on 12-29-08

Thanks to Chris “Man of” Steel for the basis of this idea. I received Burgertime for the Famicom as an early Christmas present and we were playing it in between breaks at my friend’s annual Christmas LAN. I’m glad everyone gets along or someone might have thrown one of the swords lying around at me to stop the repetitive in-game music.

However, almost everyone had a go at making burgers despite the game being twenty-six years old. Simple games are sometimes a refreshing break from today’s complexities.


Burgertime Desktops
Posted by Tombo on 12-29-08

This comic turned out better than I thought it would so due to it's convenient size, I made it into desktops.

There is a widescreen and 4:3 version:

Burgertime 1920x1200 (widescreen)
Burgertime 1600x1200 (4:3)


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