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Acronym of Choice
Acronym of Choice: Tombo & Andre go up against Nintendo WFC in Mario Kart.
Posted by Tombo on 01-04-09

Being able to play Mario Kart online is great when it’s possible. The trouble with an online game continuing to sell well is that there’s going to be more people online at the same time. How many people potentially? According to VGChartz, Mario Kart Wii has sold 13.42 million copies worldwide.

Lately Nintendo’s servers have let Andre and I down about every time we play but that’s almost to be expected when a console sells two million units in one month and everyone’s off school at Christmas. Connecting to Nintendo WFC and getting in a race becomes a game in itself. However, it could be worse though: there could be no online play at all.

On a more positive note, happy new year! 2008 was a great year for N00b Squad but we’re going to try keep improving in 2009.


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