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Princess Questy
Princess Questy
Princess Questy
Posted by Tombo on 01-19-09

Before game’s had stories as a requirement, I wonder what I thought as a kid when I was playing Mario. What was my motivation to keep going right and jumping over stupidly hard chasms? The game never said, “Save the princess!” There was only the “Super Mario Bros.” title screen and that was it. Perhaps by the time I went to play it, the Mario universe was common knowledge amongst kids (Charles Martinet would cry if he heard that). Having a message at the end of 1-4 mentioning that there is a princess to save helps too.

Mario 1 wasn’t that tough though. There’s a reason why the true Mario 2, never came out here until the Lost Levels: it was even more difficult then Mario 1!

At the end of Mario 3, yes I’m spoiling a two decade old game, I remember reading the princess in another castle message. I was kind of pissed but at the same time thinking there would be a whole new section of an already massive game to play in. Fortunately for my scholastic development, that was the real princess.


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