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The holes we dig
The holes we dig
Not the hole digger
Posted by Tombo on 02-02-09

This comic is based on actual conversation, fuelled by one of my friendís insatiable desires to playing Little Big Planet. However, he ended up digging the hole of no return and it was too late by the time he realized what he was saying in the context of twisted, dirty minds (every guy in the world).

Media Molecule exploded into the gaming world with Little Big Planet and there arenít too many games that ooze energy like it. However, one that comes to mind is Donkey Kong Jungle Beat by Nintendoís Tokyo team. And the game they made after that was Mario Galaxy. Hopefully a similar fate awaits Media Molecule.

Little Big Planet becomes exponentially more fun with more players. Sometimes, Iíd expect the antics of other players to become annoying but the respawn system is setup well enough that youíre never waiting for long. The only downer is when your team runs out of lives on a particular section of level, you have to restart from the levelís beginning. The levels arenít long but a way to gain more lives to circumvent restarting the level would have been a good way around it. After putting a few hours in, Little Big Planet ranks No. 2 on PS3 behind MGS4 in my opinion.

Iím not entirely sure but there may be more then two games for the PS3Ö


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