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Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!  For Metroids.
Metroids aren't Romantics
Posted by Tombo on 02-09-09

I had the idea for this one a while ago when for some reason I was thinking what a Metroid might say. As to why I was thinking about that, I’d rather not dwell on it but my brain may have been idling at the time. Fittingly, the comic was moulded and kept simmering for the week of Valentine’s Day.

With the upcoming re-release of Metroid Prime on the Wii, there has been rumour of a new Metroid game coming out based on playing as a Space Pirate. However, I could only imagine this to being similar to playing as the infected in Left4Dead and dying constantly at the blazing gun of Samus. However, if the game turns out to be 2D and on the DS, thumbs-ups all around.

I almost forgot but if you haven't heard the Let's Tap (now coming to North America in June, wooo!) theme music already, you must listen to it.


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