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How Game Designers Think
How Game Designers Think
AKA Noby Noby Boy is crazy
Posted by Tombo on 02-23-09

I recall the game designer Morgan Jaffit saying when he sees anything, he tries to figure out how he can steal that for a game. Might as well if it ends up a great or new idea such as Wii Fit. Noby Noby Boy on the other hand? I’m not so sure how Keita Takahashi came up with the idea but you can see our speculation above (we love the game though).

Noby Noby Boy has the same similar style to Katamari Damaci but is more of a sand box without goals. If you play it, play the game to have some fun and don’t worry about goals.

Regarding Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers: if you’re a guy, when’s the last time you were interested in a game that got 6.9? Yes, 6.9 was the review score for Onechanbara from IGN. Basically, this is a game where the score doesn’t matter and you’ll get it or you won’t based on the idea. In Japan, Onechanbara is part of the Simple 2000 series of games that are cheap, stick to a simple idea and don’t try to pretend otherwise. Earth Defense Force on the 360 was one of these games and it was a blast to play. Who cares if the physics aren’t that good? It’s $20!.

I finally finished Yakuza 2. Originally, I thought it would take 12 hours since that’s a next generation time span I’ve become accustomed to. However, I forgot this was a last generation PS2 game and my estimate was off by 18 hours. I could easily tack on another ten hours with all the side quests since it turned out the game was more of a fusion between RE4 and Zelda then a standard beat-em-up. Extremely satisfying ending (reminded me of Zelda 64’s) but remember to fill up your inventory with as much health as possible if you get there.

For PS3 owners, you can try the demo of Yakuza 3 (not called that in Japan, probably because Yakuza are there) if you use a Japanese PS3 account. I’d say this is far more interesting then zones of killing too.

Killzone 2: Seemed almost as boring as Resistance. But that could because the demo reflected poorly on the what the game’s strengths might be. Also, the demo “requires” buying the game, so it didn’t have to sell the game. I found it somewhat an insult to gamers to have all the hype about it only to have typical AI saying “cover me while I do this,” and “hey look, I’m done just when you finished killing off those guys.” Most reviewers like it but will anyone remember the game next year?

Dawn of War 2 is out now! Congrats to Big Jeff, who wrote N00b Squad #50 and the Rock Band Special amongst others, since he worked on the game. The game’s average score is 87 on Metacritic so check it out if you have a gaming PC.


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