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Flower: Branching Out
Flower: Branching Out - Rejected game ideas for the PSN title Flower
Petal to the Metal
Posted by Tombo on 03-05-09

This comic spawned off the surprise gameplay encountered just past the halfway mark in the Playstation Network game Flower, made by the same company that created Flow. For those of you who donít digest game news hourly, Flower is a motion controlled game where the player moves a flower petal to other flowers to collect more petals and reach a goal. Anyway, we considered what would happen if Thatgamecompany (not as clever as BestGameEver) chose different gameplay alternatives for its Flower IP and eventually worked their way to different systems.


Flower blooms past the competition
Posted by Andre on 03-06-09

Flower is a magical experience. Like a ride at Disneyland, it transports you to another fully-immersive world, which brought out my inner-child. The mere joy of controlling the wind, watching as my tail of petals trailed behind, is both fun and amazingly beautiful. In fact, I would argue that this isn't just the most beautiful PS3 game, but perhaps the best looking one of this generation. (Take that Killzone 2!). But of course, graphics by themselves don't, nor they should, solely define a game experience, and that is certainly not the case here. The simple gameplay, which is left to the player to discover, works brilliant with the graphics, sounds, and controls to make for one of the most relaxing, peaceful, and enjoyable experiences I've ever had in a game. Speaking of the controls, they actually make the best use of the SixAxis's motion controls yet. Manipulating the wind feels so intuitive and natural that when I tried to play Wipeout HD afterward, I simply couldn't come to grips with the conventional joystick controls and tilting the controller in an effort to steer. Brilliant game--easily worth the modest $10 asking price. Plus we made a comic about it, so how can you resist?!


Small change to ze Comic
Posted by Tombo on 03-06-09

Andre traded part of his soul to change the last panel of the comic but came up with a great idea for it. Click here for the previous version if you're interested.


New Shirt
Posted by Tombo on 03-06-09

Introducing our new "Princess on another shirt" shirt as seen above at $19.99. All our products are available through Cafepress.


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