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Who Watches the Watchers of the Watchmen?
Who Watches the Watchers of the Watchmen?
No Cosplayers here
Posted by Tombo on 03-13-09

Kudos to my brother for joking about cosplaying as Dr. Manhattan. Became this weekís comic as a result just like when he kept going that one time.

I wasnít interested in reading The Watchmen comic at first when my friend said I should read it. Mostly, I wasnít used to the art style at the time. When the movie started picking up steam, I read it last October and would say that it was the finest comic that I have ever read. Definitely recommended for anyone who hasnít read it yet (and is over 16 probably).

I havenít watched the movie yet mostly due to getting this comic done but I figured Iíd let some of the early crowds peeter out. I havenít been waiting two decades or so like some people. However, the movie could have been called the worst movie of the century and Iíd still go...unlike Street Fighter.


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