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Lost in Translation
Lost in Translation: Some games lose more in the localization process then most.
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Posted by Tombo on 03-29-09

You can now follow us for updates on Twitter at http://twitter.com/n00bsquad. Also, I switched the order of comments on the site so it's easier to see updates.


If only I knew then, again! (D'OH!)
Posted by Tombo on 03-28-09

Turns out that while "chu" means a kiss sound in Japanese, "chuchu" is a mouse squeak. Fortunately due to the independant nature of each panel, I could update the comic to reflect this.


If only I knew then!
Posted by Tombo on 03-25-09

Sometimes things just wouldn’t make sense if they were directly translated. Or maybe in the case of the second panel, too much sense. After learning a few words of Japanese, I was surprised to have this old games spring to mind. I’m sure there are more out there.

Ikari Warriors was really clunky and terrible compared to Contra. It was first but I already had Contra for a while before encountering the game. SNK made up for it with Metal Slug.

The new EA’s not so bad anymore with titles such as Henry Hatsworth and Mirror’s Edge. The old EA however, still lingers with its sports titles. Activision will probably end up much the same way with World Guitar Warcraft Hero.

As for Chu Chu Rocket, I am lost in this game of cat and mouse…and rockets.


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