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Dyslexic Unicorns
Dyslexic Unicorns
Dyslexic Unicorns
Posted by Tombo on 08-28-09

I watched “The Transformers: The Movie” animated movie recently since after hearing that my friends watched Transformers 2, I learned that they had not seen this one. I told them they needed to watch a “good” Transformers movie.

The definition of good may have changed that day.

The last time I saw the movie was long ago and seeing it again brought up some parts that were odd or made no sense. Werid Al’s “Dare to be stupid” as part of the soundtrack. Universal greetings that result in mass dancing. A character who has a gun yet transforms into one (OK, that could be Megatron all the time). Perhaps if the movie kept up with the tone at the beginning, it would be too dark.

Oddly enough, the movie was the last role Orson Welles who did the voice of Unicron. Leonard Nimoy’s in it too. The Transformers: The Movie is definitely worth a watch if you missed out on it and the original cartoons. Good to have a solid dose of 80s every once in a while.


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