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Mario RPG Special 1/14
Mario RPG Part 1
N00b Squad Special: Mario RPG 1/14
Posted by Andre on 09-18-06

I'm Andre Segers. You may remember me from such comments as one I made back during E3, or perhaps from tonight's commentary.

Anyway, as my making a comment at all may allude to, I am the author of the above comic, in addition to being the designer, director, manager, and fluffer . Having been inspired by other sprite based comics, such as 8-bit theater, I wanted to throw my hat into the ever growing web-comic ring and see how I fared. Three years and 14 comics later, here I am.

As you may have noticed, I took a minimalist approach with the first comic. Less is more, right? I wanted to open the strip with the intro from Super Mario RPG's; It's both recognizable and instantly establishes the basic plot line. Every panel is pretty much a straight screen capture from Mario RPG. Pretty standard stuff. But with the final panel, I thought that giving Mario a one word profanity based response not only single handily sums up Mario's aggravation over his decade long career, but also sets the tone for the following comics. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the 14 comics I've made, because if you don't, you'll make me sad. And a sad Andre is not a happy Andre. And an Andre that isn't happy just isn't an Andre at all. Paradox.

I'll be back with more hilarious and insightful commentary over the next few weeks.


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